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Do you enjoy working with tools and computers? Are you curious about the way things work and are made? Do you have the ability to focus on precision and quality? Are you interested in learning advanced technologies with the latest software? Are you curious about manufacturing careers in the aerospace, biomedical, plastics and composites or metals sectors? Then consider a career in manufacturing.

Manufacturing technology provides the tools that enable production of all manufactured goods, helping power a growing economy and a rising standard of living. These tools create the means to provide an effective national defense. They make possible modern communications, affordable agricultural products, efficient transportation, innovative medical procedures, space exploration... and the everyday conveniences we take for granted.

Machine manufacturing has advanced quickly and substantially in the last few decades. Machine operators now use computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines as well as computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software to control, manipulate and manage precision tool production. Machinists design and manufacture precision parts, from simple pieces such as nuts and bolts to complex, high-tech components. As a machinist, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a project go from blueprint to finished product.

American manufacturers obtain “world class” status by implementing lean manufacturing and continuous improvement concepts, so they are  becoming increasingly dependent upon the use of high-tech equipment that involves multiple, integrated systems. It is critical that these companies be able to recruit and employ individuals who know how to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain this high-tech equipment. 

Advanced Manufacturing Machine Technology Certificate 34 credits

Blueprint Reading
Manufacturing Machinery: Drill Press & Saw
Manufacturing Machinery:  Grinding
Manufacturing Machinery: Benchwork
Manufacturing Machinery: Lathe
Manufacturing Machinery: Milling
Manufacturing Machinery: CNC
Manufacturing Math
Manufacturing Quality Control


Highly skilled machinists are currently in great demand in our region, and all over the country. Graduates will find that their employment prospects are excellent. Jobs in the industry range from operating, maintaining, repairing or inspecting machines to designing and creating programs for computer numerically controlled machines. Machine technology extends into tool and die work, maintenance machining, and research and prototyping. Many of the openings employers seek to fill are for those with computer numerical control skills. Even though the automation is sophisticated, the skills of the operator are critical, allowing those with this skill set to be in demand and well paid. Because of the sophisticated technologies and processes it employs, U.S. manufacturing increasingly relies on a more educated workforce and pays higher wages and better benefits than other sectors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 the median hourly wage for machinists was $18.99, while the median hourly wage for tool and die makers was $22.60. In 2011, there were 22,000 job openings for manufacturers in Connecticut, making it the fourth largest hiring sector in the state.

Steve LaPointe
Director, Manufacturing Technology Center



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Manufacturing student Ian Bothur

"I am extremely happy that I enrolled in the program. I like that everything I have learned is hands-on and practical, unlike the degree I earned in Philosophy. I know the skills I have learned will be applied to my internship and future job.

I'm looking forward to working but furthering my education in engineering might be a possibility."

                                   Ian Bothur, Baltic, CT


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